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Safety Tips For Lifting Heavy Objects

Moving is always exhausting both physically and mentally. It can cause physical injury as well if you are not careful. Back injury is a pretty common injury caused by improperly lifting heavy objects. This article will provide some tips on how to lift heavy objects safely.

Check the object before attempting to lift it.

  • Test each load before lifting by pushing the object lightly with your hands or feet to see how easily it moves. This tells you how heavy this is. Remember, a small size does not always mean a light load.

Make sure the load was properly packaged.

  • Make sure the weight is balanced and well packed so it does not move inside the package. Parts that are loose inside a box can cause accidents if the weight inside the box becomes unbalanced.

Test if the load is easy to grab.

  • Make sure you have the object securely grasped before attempting to lift it. Placing handles on the object can help you lift the object more safely. The handle or the area to grab the object should be easy to reach. You can injure yourself by arching your back while lifting a load above your head. To avoid injuring your back, use a ladder when lifting something above your head.

Observe the best way to lift the object.

  • Use slow, gentle strokes. Tight movements and jerks can strain the back muscles excessively. Keep your body facing the object while lifting it. Rotating while lifting can injure your back.
  • Keep the handle close to your body. Having to raise your arms to lift and load an object can injure your back.
  • Lifting with the legs can only be done when you can place the object in the middle of your legs. To lift with your legs, bend your knees not your back to lift the load. Keep your back straight.
  • Try to carry the load in the space between your waist and your shoulder. This will lessen the muscles of the back.

Don’t push yourself.

  • Work slowly. Take many short breaks between each lift if you are lifting a number of things.
  • Do not overstrain by trying to lift something too heavy for you. If you have to strain excessively to lift the load it is because this is too heavy.

Secure a safe working area.

  • Look around before lifting. Make sure you can see where you are walking. Know where to bring your load.
  • Avoid walking on slippery and uneven surfaces while loading something.
  • Do not rely on a back-belt to protect yourself. It has not been proven that back belts can protect you from back injuries.
  • Ask for help before attempting to lift a heavy load. It is better if you can use a wheeled platform or a fork lift truck.

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