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Easy Tips For Moving With Plants

Particular plants are clearly harder to move than others. Perennials and bushes that have not lasted so long on the spot are usually showing no problems at all. Well-established seedlings are a bit lighter because the root system is bigger and firmer. If you are a plant person and would not like the idea of separating yourself from your plants, you might need the assistance of moving companies in Palm Beach County. Aside from that, here are some tips that you could use to move your plants smoothly.

Moving bushes, perennials, and smaller trees.

During spring, before the plants have started to grow, it’s a good time to dig them up to move them. However, if the plant shoots a lot of leaves and gets started with its growing season, it’s better to wait for fall.

Things to do:

Make sure that the plant feels as good as possible during the move. Water it a few days before and cut off the risky branches. Shrubs can be cut a little before a move. Dig the new planting pit before digging up what needs to be moved. Try to appreciate the depth and then check when digging the plant. The new pit should be as deep as at the place it came from, but the hole should be somewhat deeper so that you can fit new planting soil under the roots. Fill the whole pit with water and allow to drain. Repeat a few times. If you move plants in the fall, not as much water is required. Dig the plant so that the root stock is so slowly released. It is almost impossible to get all the roots (except on smaller perennials), but they will have to be cut off by little. When the root stock is free, it is great to pull a tarpaulin underneath. Then you can move the plant to its new location using the tarp. Clever! Look closely at the roots with glasses if they look slimy in the tips. Put down the plant in the well-watered and soil enhanced pit. Fill with soil. Mix the existing soil with new plantation soil. Finally cover the ground with cover bark, leaves or other organic material that holds the moisture. Take care of it re-planted by watering regularly.

After a move, the plants need no fertilizer, but they can not avail themselves of it. Some types of fertilizer can even damage the rooted roots.

You can get more moving tips here if you want! Good luck with the move!