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Some Guidelines In Packing Boxes For A House Move

Packing boxes for a move may seem a simple task, but sometimes if you weren’t able to do it the right way it will give you a headache. If items were not properly packed, they could get damaged during transport. However, if you were able to do this task well, you will avoid problems when with your transfer.

What you should know about your moving boxes

It is recommended that you use new boxes to pack your belongings when moving. However, if you decide to use boxes that have been used to save on the budget, make sure the boxes perform its function well and that will arrive in perfect condition to your destination. An ideal box must be rigid and not have any breakage, tear or damage on the corners. Once you have verified that the boxes that you will use meet the requirements for moving, you can start packing properly.

  • The first thing to do is to reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape, which is vital especially if the box is already a bit broken. This will make sure that the items will not fall during the move.
  • Place heavy items at the bottom of the box and light objects in the upper part.
  • Fill the empty space of the box with cloth, dish towels, bedding, towels, paper or bubble wrap to serve as support. This will make sure that the items do not move during the journey.
  • Each box should not exceed 20 kg. The heavier the box, the more difficult it is to lift. It will also more likely to tear at the bottom.
  • Make sure all boxes can be closed and sealed properly at the top. Never carry a box that does not close properly or with protruding elements on top.

While all these signs may seem obvious, it is important to remember to take them into account to make the transfer faster and more efficient to your new home. You don’t want to ruin your moving experience because of a broken valuable just because it wasn’t packed properly.

Many moving companies refuse to transport boxes if they have not been packaged in a right way or if they contain dangerous items such as fuel, paint or firearms. If you have not packed your things properly, they will have to pack it themselves. It will take the precious time of the employees of the moving company and will make the service more expensive. So take your time to pack your things properly so that your first experience in your new house will be a pleasant one.